Bob Beauprez is a friend of yours who happened to run for Governor, probably at the wrong time.
Bob Beauprez is a friend of yours who happened to run for Governor, probably at the wrong time.
Every once in a while someone from our class decides they have some curiosity about one or another thing related to their years in high school, and they send to this site their address and phone number and e-mail address -- Tom Nelson recently did that.  

Tom Nelson is still living in Boulder after a career at Coors and his almost forever ownership of the local Baskin-Robbins ice cream stores.  He can be reached by e-mail:

Another of us who had not been heard from for awhile, Karen Easton Grey, also left word as to her whereabouts recently.  I will let you go to the Class Directory to find her, and to find anyone else you may not have talked to or corresponded with recently. 

Do you have a Facebook profile?   The poet Mayakovsky said 'this world is ill suited to delight, one must kiss the winged joy as it flies by..."   There is something to be said for saying something before you leave this place, or lose your interest in it.

The virtually interminable 2008 election season passed into history, bringing a new administration to run the United States, which relieved many and and scared the hell our of many others.  The entire world's economy came unglued a couple of years ago, and many personal economies went down the tubes along with about a fifth of all the economic worth of the industrialized world.

Regardless of your status in life and your position in the food chain or the job market, this is a scary ass time for all...Buck up, Bill Gates lost 25 billion dollars last year and only Carlos Slim could make money while the net worth of the country he owns went down by about half.  Thank god there is only one Icelander among us, so that we don't all have to worry about feeding an entire nation.  Always consider that the grass may not be as palatable as it looks on the other side of most fences.

Coach Bob Foster, a legend to all of us, or at least to those who were under his gentle tutelage from time to time, died in January 2010.  We miss him and wish his family well.

We are having another reunion in July of 2011, so that we don't wait to have one until 2016.  There is a reason for most things. 

Bill Schwenn died in Los Angeles, during the week of July 7, 2008. 

Cynthia West died in 2007. 

It is December 2009, and the waves are higher than they have been for ten years on the north shore of Maui.  Representatives from 211 nations met in Copenhagen to come up with some resolution that might stop the oceans from rising up to take out all our coastal cities, but they failed to come up with anything at all, so you better hope Fox News is telling you the truth when they say there is no global warming. 

The Summer of 2009 gave us no hurricanes that came ashore on the Mainland United States, and less polar ice melted than it has the past two summers.  Keep hoping that the great majority of climate scientists are just joking about global warming....

Enjoy yourself, have a great 2010 and we will see you all in 2011.
  Don't take yourself so seriously this year, and stay in contact with your friends, wherever they may be. 

Like they say to the entering class at most law schools..."look to your left and to your right, one of you may not be here next year..."

Sleep a lot and eat healthy foods.  Walk and laugh, and we will all see each other again when the 45th reunion comes along in July 2001.  

These are very hard economic times for a great number of people.  Keep safe out there and keep your friends safe.  If you or those close to you are in financial trouble, ask your friends for help.  No one can know what is going on unless you let them know.