We still do not even know where some of our classmates have gone:

You could help by just telling us where eveyone you still know from our class lives, or you could check out the list below and add your guess as to where these people might have gone.

e-mail: theresa@TheresaBlanding.com or call 303 668-1948 and leave a message about these people....

*  Bodley, H. C.
*  Brown, Janice E.
*  Carlson, Dennis
*  Cozart, Bob
*  Crissup, Lewis
*  Crowder, Dave
*  Daniels, Margaret
*  Deivert, Bill
*  Diebert, Larry
*  Dunning, Larry
*  Elliott, Donna (maiden name: Moore)
*  Fairchild, George
*  Fay, Pam (maiden name, Gribble)
*  Frey, Pete
*  Fuller, Claudia (maiden name: Russell)
*  Gentry, Peggy
*  Gondrezick, Gary
*  Griffith, Mike
*  Haller, Dave
*  Hanaford, Kathy
*  Harris, Libby
*  Hewes, Pam (maiden name: Pakan)
*  Hillis, Larry
*  Huddle, Cylinda
*  Jeffers, Glenn
*  Jurgens, Joyce
*  Laney, Nancy (maiden name: Bach)
*  Lange, Chuck
*  Lee, Mark
*  Leonard, Tom
*  Litz, Marilyn
*  Logan, Everett
*  Marler, Marilyn (maiden name: Alldredge)
*  Minor, Roy
*  Mitchell, Rodney
*  Moorman, Claudia
*  Morton, Sue
*  Neish, Janice
*  Nelson, Ed
*  Nelson, Tom
*  Nolan, Brad
*  Oldroyd, Annelie (Anna) (maiden name: Haney)
*  Pennington, Robert
*  Peterson, Richard
*  Powers, Barry
*  Powers, Richard
*  Probst, Stan
*  Renfer, Gail
*  Rickman, Teddy
*  Schory, Owen
*  Schuske, Kathie
*  Schwarting, Marti (maiden name: Rogers)
*  Simmons, Regina
*  Simon, Carolyn
*  Souder, Jim
*  Sparks, Marilyn (maiden name: Purswell)
*  Swarting, Marti (maiden name: Rogers)
*  Taylor, Mary (maiden name: Cheney)
*  Thompson, Jim
*  Tracy, Jim
*  Trefney, Bob
*  Trembath, Carol
*  Visage, Chuck
*  Waggoner, Ross
*  Walker, Kathy
*  Wallum, Rick
*  Wheaton, Vicki
*  Willmarth, Barbara
*  Wincher, Don
*  Woods, Theresa (maiden name: Alles)
*  Wubben, Nancy

We found Greg Babcock, though God knows he wasn't lost...just misplaced in North Carolina for a few years.  He has the following requests:
J.R. (Rives) needs to get on here.   Doug T. I (we all) need your email. Where is Mosher?  Where is Dave (your brother)  Goat (Kent H.) I tried to call when I was in Boulder, no answer

Here is a great, and kind of cryptic, message from Scott Mackie, by way of Mitch Lavelett, about certain members of our class yet reluctant to appear:

i found the page and yes a 10 and 14 year old helped me sides you and greg.
any one still picking up 1 brick at a time has to have something mental .
will see if info gets there and the kids have lots of pictures so will
pursue with them later. mike queen- scottsdale, ariz. but need to check with
greg to see if he knows reason for not giving phone no. out- i have it and
so does greg? dave mosher is in calif. and i can get his exact loction if
you want. his brother is in sammamish, washington [ eric and georgia] and i
been in contact with eric more than dave. i dont think dave ever forgave me
for what he had to wear on his wedding date. scott