a stack of classmate pictures used to populate the website
a stack of classmate pictures used to populate the website
The Fairview High School Class of 1966 from Boulder, Colorado had our 40th reunion on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 21, 22, and 23 of 2006. 

Add five years to those dates, and you will have plenty of advance warning for our 45th reunion, ten years gets you to the 50th reunion, which will be held at some exclusive convalescent home for retired yuppies...and only the strongest of us will be attending, so call for help if you need it, now.

If there is anything you want to talk about, the Class Directory has e-mail links to many of your classmates. 

The Guestbook is always available for your comments. 

The Message Boards are interesting and need your input. 

You may also add anything you would like to the Photo Albums, Stats 'n Stories, I Remember, Once a Knight and '60s memories sections of the website by e-mail to:


We always welcome pictures of you and yours, even me and mine.... send pictures to us at photos@fhs66.com or just add them to the Class Directory

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The 40th Reunion...what it was and wasn't
The July 21, 22, and 23 of 2006 reunion in Boulder had about 120 people, and I thought it was a pretty good party...how about you?
Last Post: Oct 24th 2006
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What Have You Been Up To
Please tell us a little, or a lot, about what you have been up to for the past FORTY years...or bits and pieces thereof.
Last Post: No Posts Yet
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Remember When
Do you have any special memories from when we were at Fairview, or in Boulder, before or after?
Share them on this board.
Last Post: Mar 27th 2006
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Reunion Committee
This is where you volunteer to help with the next reunion, whenver you would like it to be, or to run it. We thought Summer of 2011 might be a good time to do another big gathering....
Last Post: Apr 25th 2006
# of Topics: 3