Mitch Lavelett will present more awards for our 50th reunion in 2016
Mitch Lavelett will present more awards for our 50th reunion in 2016
Our 50th reunion was held July 8-10, 2016.  It was fabulous!

Write as much as you want, about anything, and/or (the only multiple choice part of this test) send us stories and pictures at

We hope to see you then and before...  

Those of you who came to the July 2006 and/or July 2011 and/or 2016 reunion probably noticed that it was actually fun.  

When you come to a reunion, you won't be disappointed, embarrassed, inconvenienced, or told to recite anything in front of your class.

Whether it is just reliving the past, or something completely different, like getting in touch with a part of yourself you might have nearly forgotten, or making new friends out of old ones, you might want to consider coming to Boulder for our next reunion (TBD - information will be added here).  

We would all love to see you. 

   Sign the Guest Book, or not...

  Tom Moore
Monday, August 15, 2016
Really enjoyed the 50th. Seeing old friends and making some new ones
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  Theresa Blanding
Monday, August 1, 2016
Well the 50th Reunion was the stuff of dreams - what a fabulous time at all the events with all of our wonderful classmates. Made one proud to be Knight to see how we had all flowered in these years since we graduated. Following are comments I received back after the event. Please add more if you are so inclined:
  • Greetings everyone, Here we go again! I am having withdrawal symptoms like after previous reunions. It was so nice to see such a great turnout and every one should now stand and take a bow. To the fellow ReuKnighting (thanks Kent Miles - I hope you enjoyed your peas and fish sticks), Committee members, you know who you are, also stand and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. Everyone please take care of each other and let's do something really cool again in the near future! I'm always ready to crash parties, so if you know of any, please let me know! Mitch Lavelett
  • Thank you everyone for making Bob's class reunion so special. He and I have been talking about it non-stop ever since! What a wonderful class you all had. Such great people, and everyone is just great friends. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend, and so blessed I married someone with so many great friends. I may need to contact some of you for advice on how to put together a reunion:) Warm regards, Claudia Beauprez
  • Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You! Byron Steinacher
  • Folks, I can't imagine a better reunion than this one but I'm willing to try! You are truly a wonderful group of friends. Pat Edwards (or I was reminded by Mosher, Grub)
  • Thanks, Mitch, for the thoughts.    I'm writing this from my hospital bed recovering from what the doctors call Bad Fish Stick-itis and Canned Pea-numonia.   They can't quite figure out where I may have contracted them, but they say they used to see a lot of it in the 1960's. Like you, and so many other of our classmates, I had a great time at the Reunion.    By the way, I do not deserve credit for the "ReuKnighting" term, but thanks for the "shout out", Bob Perrill.    That was on the committee web page, so someone much more clever than I gets the kudos for that.   Anita??  Pat??, Petur??  Carol??   Thanks. Great weekend full of fun events and memories (you, SSC).    Looking forward to the future annual 'Happy Hours' GKM (Kent Miles)
  • It's hard to put into words how much fun and special this whole thing was.  What a weekend!!  Thanks to all those who put this together. Ron Wells
  • When I read these words from everyone, I know what makes us such a great bunch! I am so proud of all of us for the bond we still have! Love you all! Joanie and I had breakfast yesterday, and couldn't say enough about the fabulous weekend! Thanks everyone! Carol (Holland) Smith
  • A special night for sure! Thank you, Loren Telleen
  • Couldn't agree more.  The organizing committee deserves a huge thanks.  Who put together all the exhibits?  To be honest I don't remember the Sr. wills, but then, there's a lot I don't remember!  If we have a class historian, I discovered that my mother had saved a bunch of stuff including the invitation to commencement and a copy of my speech.  Maybe we can make a digital archive. Rich Murahata
  • As I placed my FHS 1966 Annual back on the bookshelf this morning I couldn't help but reflect on the weekend a bit. Friday was just flat out fun! Laughing with everyone--sitting with my first dance date from 4th grade, trying to figure out how we convinced our parents to let us go! Sharing with people that I haven't seen for many years, and frankly finding new friends among old friends. I was not going to go to the tour Saturday morning, but something just pushed me there. Walking the hallways & laughing about the stories with everyone. Listening to Greg B. talk about some of the things he engineered, and dodged, and how we mostly walked a fine line between good fun--and something a bit darker! And of course remembering the times on the "couch" in the office waiting to discuss, yet again, my futures as a FHS student. Saturday night was more reflective -- Pat Edwards demonstrated, once again, that he is truly a very special person. His memorial speech was as moving as any I have ever heard. It not only honored those who have left us, but drug me back 50 years in a way that I would have guessed impossible. What could be better than sitting at a table having dinner with friends that you have known, some of them for close to 60 years! I found myself shaking my head in near dis-belief that we were all together after this long, and at the same time missing those who could not or did not attend. And how could we not enjoy Kathie working the room with her magic---- we all know she may have missed her true calling. Again, I was not originally planning on showing up for the Sunday event, yet I knew that I wanted some more time and conversation. Relaxed, unpretentious conversation is what I experienced---could have done it all day! Driving away I had a blend of slightly conflicting emotions. I certainly had a smile on my face, and I also had a slightly heavy heart, knowing full well that the clock is ticking relentlessly for all of us! At that moment I would have given anything to do it all over again-----not just the weekend, but the entire 50 plus years! Thank you all for being a special group of friends! KDH (Kent Hogan)
  • To the FHS class of 1966: As usual you guys put on quite a party.   Kent really enjoyed seeing all of the class mates and remembering all the good times. And yes Pat Edwards could not have done a better job of the memorial The committee that puts this all together needs a big round of applause all of the events were very well put together.  And I especially would like to thank you all because even though I did not go to FHS or graduate with your class you have always made me feel welcome and a part of you.  I have made some great friends also.  Pat (Herpel) Vasquez , Carol Smith, Gayle Asbury., and more. Again thank you from Kent and myself it was a lot of fun.  You guys did a WONDERFUL job. Hope we can do it again. Take Care, Kent and Patty Kettering
  • Hi, I just wanted to say how great it was to see everyone. Yes, the reunion committee were awesome, and seeing our teachers was wonderful. Thank you for a great 50th reunion!! Janice Hedges
  • I too want to thank the committee for organizing such a fun event.  My wife and I enjoyed talking to everyone and can’t wait for the next one. Thanks again, Paul T. Jones
  • Kent, I did not, and could not say it any better. I am feeling something like what I imagine A zombie walking around in a daze might feel like. This is all bittersweet as a chapter in our lives has ended, but gosh, there is still so much more out there to anticipate and do. There is an All-Star game on tonight, and as far as I'm concerned this is a class full of Most Valuable Players (notice how I snuck in that baseball reference). 
I quote:
Advice From A Buffalo
Stand your Ground
Have a tough hide
Roam wild and free
Have a strong spirit
Let the chips fall where they may!
And one more everybody
"Don't look back, something might be gaining on you." Satchel Paige
  • I had too much fun as I always seem to do! My only regret is that I didn’t get to visit with some of you longer. Thank you to the reunion committee and all of you who came. Love to you all, Linda (Scott) Stransky
  • Hats off to the reunion committee for putting on a first class reunion.  You all should be so proud.  It was a great deal of work that everyone acknowledges.  The comments on Saturday night were all positive that I heard about the reunion.  Your programs were exceptional.  Pat made a great tribute to our lost classmates that was touching.  The professional comedy act that you flew in from Alaska was outstanding...I am sure glad we did not have to pay for her. Thank you for the memories, Daril (Frank) & Chris Cinquanta
  • To ALLLLLLL of you, Wasn't that the most fun ever?  I felt very sad to get in my car and leave all of you behind.  I would love to do this for the next fifty years, but something tells me it might not be possible.  Thanks to all of you who did the work!!  Where would we have been without you.  There was not ONE person there who it was not a joy to see.  I know many people who don't think much of their high school years and thus don't go to their reunions.  We are all soooo lucky, as most of us have been attending these things since the beginning.  We are all so blessed to have been able to get back together like we never ever parted fifty years ago.  I love all you guys!!!!!  And Loren, sometimes I DO travel with "both" tops down.  At my age, nothing is "perkier" enough to rise above the door.   Positive side to everything!!! K........... (Kathie Collins Wasserman)
  • Not only am I proud of the committee, but for all of those who came, even from Italy!  But a couple of ones who struggle every day made it so special for me....we are all just blessed to be part of such a loving and CUTE group!  luv yall, ja Joanie (Coughlin) Ayers
  • Ditto what everyone else has said!  The two events we attended were perfection and would not have been without the hard work of our special committee.  It amazes me how our bonds, not only as a class, but individually, have held so strong over all these years.  Just proves what awesome kids we were…and look at us now!  Love all y'all!     Judi (Larson) Mills
  • Although Kent, Mitch, Joanie, Kathie were all so eloquent, I have to add my praise to the reunion committee. Both Vance and I are so glad we came and consider it a blessing to have had the chance to see all of you again. What treasures we have in our experiences and the bonds we all formed.  Pat, you touched my hearth with your words. While saddened greatly that some had such terrible memories, I am incredibly thankful to have such wonderful memories – okay, some were sad, but they were part of what made us all who we are. Kathie, your humor has to serve you as a lobbyist because not a single person can keep a straight face with you in the room !  What a joy you all are.  Thank you for a fantastic weekend!Lots of love and hugs, Anita  (also known as one of the Hobbits) (Bowman Ruka)
  • I don't know if any of you are interested but I could send you a copy of what I shared at the memorial or if the committee wanted post it on the website. I have been humbled by the many kind words about what was shared. I could not have asked for a more supportive and loving group of classmates/friends at the reunion. It was a great honor to be asked to speak on behalf of all of you for those not present. Pat Edwards (please note a copy is on the Memorial page of this website)
  • I'm having dinner at DIA because my flight to Salt Lake City was cancelled for maintenance and bumped into Guissepie (sp) at the restaurant. He was wandering around looking for the men's room and walked past my table!!  As it turns out, his flight to Chicago was also cancelled. The crazy weekend continues! Ron Wells
  • Thanks Pat. I would love to have a copy. It touched my heart to hear your words, and to look around me as we stood at this amazing vigil. A lot of love pouring out from some of the most amazing folks I know. Your beautiful words gave us the voice that we all needed. Much love, Carol (Holland) Smith
  • I’ve been in touch with Joe today, and we’ve told him that their bed is waiting if the flight is cancelled.  They want to spend tomorrow visiting Chicago, and will fly back to Milano on Friday. I didn’t get to talk to everybody, and didn’t talk for long enough with anybody, but it was a great time.  I said thanks privately to the 3 ladies earlier, but it bears repeating:  thanks to everybody who organized the event, and to everybody who came. Charlie Shoemaker
  • And thanks to you and your family, Charlie, for hosting Joe. Isn't it amazing that he made such a trip to be with us? I had such a nice visit with him. I did send a thank you to Mitch, but I want you all to know that he never stopped looking for classmates, and was the "Yes man" if there was a job to do. Thanks, Mitch. You are the best of friends for our class of 66. Carol (Holland) Smith
  • Great idea, Rich, to create an archive. We all have something to add to that archive. Loved visiting with Renee. She reminds me of someone I knew ten years ago. I even called her Robin, my friend's name.  Beautiful lady. So can we work on that archive? Send ideas to the FHS website? Easiest way? And, by the way, if you don't remember something, I am not so worried about forgetting! Carol (Holland Smith)
  • I can tell a few more details.  First, Joe and his family visited the US the summer of the 25th reunion, and of course, came to that reunion.  Since that time, Joe has traveled to the US on numerous occasions for business, and stopped in to say whenever he could, always with the question, “when are you coming to Italy?” for which I never had a great answer.  His most recent trip, early 2013, coincidentally had its last business stop in Denver, so he stayed on a couple of days with us.  The highlight for him was having dinner with my Mother, about 6 months before she passed away.  We inherited some money from her, and one of our first thoughts was, “we have to go to Italy NOW!”  We went for 2 weeks in May of 2014, staying with Joe and Dori.  The details of that trip will be a later essay.  Joe and I have been in closer touch since then (he’s not as addicted to email as many of the rest of us…), and when I first heard of the reunion dates, I started asking to see if he was planning to come.  He made his plans, and we were lucky enough to host them for 4 days.  Judy and Jeff got short-changed a little; it will even itself out eventually. Charlie Shoemaker
  • Love that you hosted Joe. Also that you kept in contact with him. I wonder if any of us might go to visit him too. Like me! It was a wondrerful reunion and you were one who I gave a hug to, but didn't get to talk to. I did talk to Joe, on Fri. night. You know, Charlie, he remembers all of us. At least, he seems to. He made a great effort to come to the reunion.Buz and I will make an effort to go to see him in Italy. It would be so much fun to have such a personal visit. Hugs, Carol (Holland) Smith
  • I agree with the comments & would send a huge thank you to the organizing committee !!!   Great job and great fun... Doug Thompson
  • One of the signs of a great re-union is leaving with more friends than you came with. Absolutely wonderful time.  We really are special people and so very fortunate to have one another. Rob Perrill
  • Wonderful reunion!  Each event was special.  Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to make it happen. It's hard to believe that we attended each event and STILL didn't have a chance to visit with everyone.  We're looking forward to next time!   Jim and Kathy Eff
  • It is rare, if not unique, for a three day event to end with almost everyone wanting it to go on, but we ran out of local golf courses, so we will have to wait until next time.  You were fascinating and wonderful when I went through those long ago times with you, and you have proven to be a truly remarkable group of people now.  I have esteemed it to be an honor and a privilege to hang out with you from junior high school and Fairview, and I am proud to see who we have become so many years past what I could then have imagined.  I never planned making it past thirty, and now I am closer to a hundred.  It has been a fun ride. I think the years we spent together so many years ago made a great and positive contribution to who we became.  Thank you all for being brave enough to show up and share the Fiftieth Reunion of Fairview's Class of 1966. Petur Williams
  • What a glorious time I had!! There were so many people I talked with and so many more that I wanted to. I wasn't quite sure what this reunion would be like and was happy to discover that it was just like the 20th and the 40th I went to, only better in some ways. Old friendships just picked up as if no time had passed since the last conversation. Thank you all for making this so grand and especially thanks to the organizing folks. I hope you will have recovered in the future and plan another one soon. It was amazing to me what friends remembered from high school and what clicked in my memories. Good times and not so good. Special thanks to Pat (AKA Grub) Edwards, the long lost Tom Moore, Kathy Eff, Dave (Col. Sanders?) and Doug (Richard Branson for sure) Thompson, Bob Beauprez and Rob Perrill for great conversations and renewed friendships throughout the evening. Seemed like were all kids again. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!! Mosh (Dave Mosher)
  • I found this event detail information on my old emails. I keep thinking I might have missed out on something. Was it all a dream or did I really miss something? Or maybe it just seems like a dream, with a bunch of dreamy people. Well off to the bed I go, and when I wake up, perhaps we can have another marvelous event that keeps me up nights reliving thoughts of Knighthood around some big round table. Good night to all, and to all a good Knight! ML (Mitch Lavelett)
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  Theresa Blanding
Sunday, July 3, 2016
Thanks to Donna Von's research skills, I received the following information about several of our classmates who have passed away:

--Yvonne M. (Horiuchi) Jones died Sept 1, 1999 and is buried in New York State.
  (She married Michael E. Jones in Boulder on 7/4/1976)
--Jerome Leigh Quist died Jan 11, 2012 and is buried at Fort Logan National Cemetery.
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  Ron Maulsby
Saturday, July 2, 2016
Very much looking forward to next weekend and our 50th reunion. Special thanks to all the faithful folk who work so hard to put our reunions together. You have done amazing job over the years! I trust this one will be the BEST of all!! ~Ron
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  Jayna Sheats
Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Better late than never?  I have at least made my plane reservations (this morning)!  See you soon.
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  Rob Perrill
Saturday, December 26, 2015
So looking forward to coming out to Boulder next summer to be a part of this reunion.

So cannot believe that you are all so much older than I am.  I mean Holy Pete now!

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  Theresa Blanding
Sunday, October 11, 2015
February 9, 1948 – October 1, 2015
              On October 1st, Judith Ann Lillard lost her valiant battle against cancer. 
Judy was born in Evanston, Illinois, on February 9, 1948.  She was only 67 years old, but she lived life with the vigor of a 40 year old!
              Judy is survived by her husband, Dave Lillard, sons Jeffry Lillard of Arboles, CO, Jason Lillard of Durango, CO, Justin Lillard of Durango, CO and grandson Mitchell Ryan Lillard, also of Durango, CO, brother Robert Sieben of California, as well as a multitude of brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, great nephews, great nephews, a great-great niece and nephew, cousins, and more wonderful friends than any girl could ever ask for.
              She was preceded in death by her mother, Kay (Salisbury) Sieben, father Ralph Sieben, and brother Dick Sieben.
              Judy and her mother moved from Evanston, Illinois, to Boulder, Colorado in 1961, where she attended Fairview H.S. and graduated from Boulder H.S.  She and her husband, Dave Lillard, were married on October 9, 1964 at the Lillard Family Home in Boulder.  They made Boulder their home until 1985 when they packed up their family and moved West to Montrose. 
              Judy was a beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and friend
Extraordinaire.  Judy loved yoga, camping/fishing/boating with friends and family, and enjoyed interviewing and writing “Life Stories” for others.  She lived life with a passion for music, dancing, and frolicking with friends and loved ones.
              A Memorial Service will be held at Crippin Funeral Home (on the corner of Main St. and Nevada) in Montrose, at 1:30 p.m. on October 23rd.  Please, no black, brown, or gray garb for this gathering.  She requested cheerful, bright, bold colors – like a spring bouquet from the garden!  Following the Memorial Service, family and friends should join us in a “Celebration of Life” to be held, from 3:00 p.m. to “whenever,” at the Montrose Elk’s Club on Hillcrest Ave.  Food will be served, and music will be provided by the Anders Brothers’ Band, so wear your dancing shoes!!
MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS:  In lieu of flowers, if you wish to make a monetary contribution, in Judy’s name, to the “San Juan Cancer Center,” she would be pleased.  During her battle against cancer, she became very attached to the nurses and staff of both the “San Juan Cancer Center” and the “Montrose Memorial Hospital.”  If you wish to contribute, please send checks made out to San Juan Cancer Center, with the notation “In Memory of Judy Lillard.”    Address:         Attn:    Francie Smiles, Resource Coordinator 
                                          San Juan Cancer Center
                                          645 South 5th St.
                                          Montrose, CO 81401
Further questions - please contact Francie Smiles at 970-252-2814
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  Theresa Blanding
Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Very sad news:
Raymond Charles Ingraham passed away suddenly on June 20, 2013. Donations are encouraged to an animal shelter of your choice. There will be a memorial for Ray on Saturday, August 24th at 2:00 PM at the Community House at Chautauqua in Boulder.
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  Howard Mekelburg
Sunday, February 3, 2013
Cheryl Culver and I were married in Boulder CO on December 31, 1970. I wanted to let you know that she passed away in Mesa AZ after a lenghy illness and short hospital stay on January 19, 2013. 
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  Linda (anderson ) Petrarca
Monday, June 20, 2011
Just to update:  Bruce and I are still living in PebbleCreek  in Goodyear AZ.  We sold the place up near Flagstaff because our model train business got so big that we had to have commercial space and employees :)  :(  So until April 2010, we were building the second largest international online store in our niche market.  Finally, the gods smiled on us and we sold it!  Even n this economy, there is someone who thinks they can do it better than you did!

My last post we had 4 aging parents.  At this post we have lost one, my dad, but the other 3 are still doing well.  My mom needs a lot more help and so we are not yet travelingfor long periods of time, but finally , this year finds us out of town at least one week and sometimes two out of each month.  Our only trip to Colorado this year will be in Ausgust to take my dad's ashes to the fishing cabin he owned for 40 years in Leadville.

No longer needing to show up at obscene hours of  the morning at the business and slave over a hot computer or shipping table, we find ourselves waking at still really obscene hours to walk before it gets hot, feed our two very spoiled miniature daschunds, go to water aerobics, yoga, and then split up to persue our real interests:  Bruce is building a G (Garden) scale railroad in our backyard.  It will be modeled after the Colorado mining towns of the 1920's  and is called the COLORADO RMP-otherwise known as the "real money pit". I have taken up beading and Majongg as well as painting  backdrops for model train layouts on the indian reservations.  When my good friend and painting partner in my old business  stops traveling for  2-3 months at a time, we hope to do some murals for children's hospitals.

I am sorry, I will be unable to be a the July reunion.  We will be in Sacremento (for my sins in july) at a National Railroad Convention.  Since, for the first time in many years I will not be teaching any classes at this convention, I have plans to  learn "loom beading" at a nice store in suburban Sacramento while he plays with trains. :)  we hope you have a wonderful time.
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  Nancy Hamlet
Saturday, May 14, 2011
Hello to all my fellow FHS '66 classmates!  I had surgery last December so  I am a little short of funds and I won't be able to attend this year's reunion (not that I have attended any in the past, either!)

I am still single and have lived in  Oregon since 1983.  I am still in the banking field and have worked at the same bank for 27 years this June.

I enjoy hitting the antique stores, have a great love for the ocean, collecting shells, dragon fly art,  reading and going to movies and art fairs.  I have recently taken up baking and decorating cupcakes just for the fun of it - and also for the taste of it!

I've done quite a bit of traveling in the past, going to such places as Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean.  My biggest dream right now is to take a trip to Alaska. 

I hope you all have a great time at our 45th reunion...

Take Care,

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  Judy (Sieben) Lillard
Tuesday, November 23, 2010
So...maybe it's not a good idea to check out the website, sign in and have a glass of wine at the same time...oh, well!

I can't believe it's been five years (almost) since the last Reunion.  It was, indeed, a lot of fun!  So cool to catch up with everyone and just hang out together.  We had (have) a great class!

For those of you who don't know, I actually went to Pueblo Centennial High School my junior year while Dave was in college and my oldest son Jeff was a baby, and then ended up graduating from Boulder High (Yikes!) in 1967.  Always a Fairview girl at heart, though! 

Now 46 years later, Dave and I are still hanging out in Montrose, wishing we were 'retired' but then what would we do?  Ha!  I started a new business since the last reunion helping people write their life stories...and I LOVE it!  It's rewarding i n so many ways - the family gets the keepsake of the memories (with pictures), and the person whose story is told feels special that people want to know how they came to be who they are.  It's awesome!

Our kids (the 'boys' who are now all in their 40's) are great, our grandson is the best, and life is good.  What more could you ask? 


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  William Bradley
Thursday, November 11, 2010
Hello all.  I have been retired on  disabilty, Parkinsons and it sucks.  I left NCAR after working for them for 35 years and 50 major instruments for atmospheric research.  Two patents and a paper on squaring.  My wife Kathy is a real neat and pragmatic gal.  Her mother lives with us.  Two women and only me to do all the honey do's.  I have been to the 24 hours at Le Manns. France as gift for winning a major car club award.
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  Jo Ann Lefler Horneker
Saturday, September 13, 2008
My, oh, my!  Just read of y'alls adventures!  Miss you all.

Fun to read where you've been and what you've been up to. I noticed Greg lives in the South; so do I -- Arkansas, of all places. Not like Colorado, but it has its appeal. I've been here since 1979. Meet my husband here--he's a keeper.

I have five grown sons [they still make me pull my hair out!], teach English at a university. So does my husband. Overall, life is fine.

Hard to believe that over 40 years have passed! I've been to Boulder a number of times before my mother died. My sister still lives there--love parts of Boulder, but it sure has changed!
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  Sue (McCallum) Seaton
Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope the peace and joy associated with the Christmas season is enjoyed by each and everyone of you. Happy New Year! And have a great 2007, Sue (McCallum) Seaton PS: If Jennie (Wells) Munn reads this, I forgot to ask you for your email. You can contact me at
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  Jim Sheats
Sunday, July 30, 2006
After such an enjoyable weekend seems a good time to  1) thank the organizers who put a lot of work into it (I did this on a somewhat smaller scale for my postdoctoral advisor's 70th birthday, so I know what is involved), and 2) provide a little more extended history, with my reticence fading from all the wonderful personal exchanges in those two evenings (and the many glasses of excellent wine). After Fairview I first spent two quarters at CSU in the absurd pursuit of a pre-veterinarian degree (why will have to wait for the next reunion), then dropped out and did what a male did in those circumstances in 1967. Fortunately that led not to the jungles of Vietnam but to super-classified communications centers in Seoul and Frankfurt, where I learned a bit of two languages and a strong love of different cultures everywhere. After the army I enrolled in foreign languages at CSU. When it dawned on me that there were not a lot of jobs with that title, I eventually returned to science as a pre-med (still pretty misguided), and became a chemist only due to the influence of a wonderful organic chemistry professor, who undoubtedly was the major reason I got into Stanford for graduate school. After spending a winter at MIT as a postdoc, I determined to limit my job search to the more temperate West Coast, and wound up at Hewlett-Packard's corporate labs, where I spend most of two decades contentedly doing R&D. In the mid-90's, however, I got involved in the company's Product Stewardship oversight effort, which led to my starting an investigation into how HP could make money from products or services that were specifically designed for environmental and social benefits, and that in turn gave rise to the E-Inclusion program that still exists today and was mentioned previously on this website. All things change (as the song by Melanie says), and it then seemed to have become the season for leaving the big company and joining the entrepreneurial world, which I did in 2002 on the day of the HP-Compaq merger vote. One's first startup never succeeds (I'm told that's a good thing...), and it took a little time to find my niche at Nanosolar, where the pace of life is frenetic on the slow days (it just boggles my mind beyond its meager capacities to think about the classmates who are retired!), but in a year or two we will be the largest producer of solar electric modules in the world, which is a nice thing to put one's energy into. In the meantime I have been married for 23 years, with a 15 year old daughter who tries our patience by doing what teenagers are genetically programmed to do (but who is doing just fine), and an 8 year old son who makes me wish I were just a tad younger! And so I don't climb nearly as many Sierra cliffs as I used to. I did enjoy going up one of the Boulder area canyons on Saturday (not El Dorado, which was too crowded) and bouldering a bit - I do wish such rocks were as close to Palo Alto. It was great to see everyone and I do hope we have another such opportunity.
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  James Galloway
Thursday, July 27, 2006
I thought all the guys were perfect gentlemen and the gals were perfectly sweet and terrific! You all were very interesting and intelligent. You made this a memorable evening for me. Thanks. I'll be looking forward to seeing everyone in 5 years.
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  Mitch Lavelett
Monday, July 24, 2006
I am in let down shock. It seems like just yesterday that we started meeting about finding people. I'm really sorry that a good share of you did not make it to a really great weekend. We will try and make you feel as guilty as possible until the next time. Not really, but just know that the rest of us had about as much fun and mental mouth exercise as could be expected from someone approaching the age of reason as we all are. There were some times of reflection and times of laughter and some really great memories. The food wasn't half bad either. I wish there were more time to see everyone longer. Please keep this good interaction going for as long as forever! Hope to see everyone as soon as possible. Five short years and many happy E-Mails. ML
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  Richard Murahata
Friday, July 14, 2006
It’s very interesting hearing where classmates have been and especially where they’ve ended up. Since graduating, I’ve moved more than many, but less than some. There was a long time and several moves involved in getting educated -- Michigan State (East Lansing, MI), Yale (New Haven, CT) and UCLA (Los Angeles, CA). It does give me lots of teams to cheer for in addition to the Denver Broncos. Jack Vesey, Ron Pippin and I had season tickets at student prices, and I hope they kept their priority because I certainly wish I had! It was almost as entertaining to watch the drunks in the south stands as the hapless Broncos.

After a short stint in academics, I found gainful employment in the industrial sector first with the Dial Corporation in Phoenix, AZ, followed by Plough in Memphis, TN and Unilever in Edgewater, NJ. I’m now in my fourth year with Hollister Incorporated in Libertyville, IL.

During my 14 years with Unilever I spent nearly 2 years working in Bangalore, India and Jakarta, Indonesia. That period also provided me the opportunity to visit many cities in Europe, as well as short trips to South Africa, Australia and Japan.

About 10 years ago, I met Renee, my bride to be (first time for me – don’t want to rush into these things--, second for her) on a blind date in Asheville, NC. How and why I was in Asheville is another long story. She a nurse specializing in child care,and she moved to NJ in 1998 and got to share a month of the experience in India. We moved to Libertyville, IL (about 30 miles north of Chicago) when I took a position with Hollister Incorporated, a medical device manufacturer not the clothing company. She’s started her own company called Child Care Health Solutions, and it’s starting to do well. There’s still a fair amount of travel involved, with trips to Europe, Australia and Japan along with frequent domestic trips to keep an eye on our studies.

I managed to continue with gymnastics at Yale where I was assistant coach and participated in a couple of national AAU competitions under the winged foot banner of the New York athletic club. I even managed to struggle along while at UCLA competing in the Sr. Olympics. When I moved to AZ, tennis became the sport of choice. Now days, the exercise comes from shoveling snow in the winter and doing yard work in the summer.

My new hobby is – don’t laugh – singing. I joined a competition men’s a capella chorus about 3 years ago. The competition part was an accident, as I actually joined in response to an advert that touted “free voice lessons”. The chorus has undergone several changes and moves. After just one year, we’ve qualified for the Internationals which was held in Indianapolis the week of the 4th of July. We finished 24th, which was a bit of a disappointment, but okay for our first try with a small group. Am really looking forward to seeing everyone.
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  Donna (Culnan) Von
Friday, June 16, 2006
How to cram 40 yrs into one paragraph? To summarize, I graduated from CU with a Vocal Music Ed degree in 1970. My jobs included recreation specialist, clerk-typist, data entry, welfare applications, private violin & piano teacher, computer operator, network administrator, and currently information assurance for the Navy.
Also I’ve been in the AF Reserve for 32 yrs, mostly working in communications-computers. Married 29 yrs to husband Gary who works at Hickam AFB (coordinates aircraft services and drives “follow-me” truck). Son (from a previous relationship) David (35) is a technician in a clean room at an Intel plant in Israel. Daughter Pua (27) is a social worker near Boston. Daughter Suky (25) is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines in Seattle and is getting married next Feb. (No prospects for grandchildren yet, but one can hope for the future.)
Interests include church, music, traveling, genealogy, finding information on the Internet, walking/jogging, attempting to hit tennis balls, and volunteering for ACS. To fill in the missing blanks in my story, talk to me at the reunion!
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  Theresa Blanding
Tuesday, June 6, 2006
One of the interesting things about this upcoming reunion for me is that my son Lucian is graduating on June 10, 2006 from New Vista High School in Boulder, CO. As you know, we graduated on June 8, 1966.
If you do the math, you can see that I was 40 years old when the last of my three children came into the world. It’s quite a time warp to watch him go to the Senior prom and now to graduate, as we do all the planning for our 40th reunion.
Sometimes I wonder how we could have ever been that young and at times it seems like it was just yesterday. We have so much fun at these reunion meetings – they really are one of the most fun parts of getting to reconnect with everyone.
I moved back to Boulder in 1984 (remember the cute little map that was in the 30th reunion book that Anita put together?) and have been here ever since. As of right now, I’m in the process of selling my house in the mountains and finish moving to Sedona, Arizona to be with my partner. The graduation of my son and the completion of almost thirty years of hands-on mothering gives me a sense of new found freedom, which I’m definitely looking forward to.
My other children are Megan who will soon be 29 and lives in Northglenn with her husband and is beginning work on her master’s degree and 24 year-old Chris who lives and works in Denver. With all the kids here, I’ll certainly be returning on a regular basis to see them and my many friends. I spent almost twenty years in the corporate world (mostly in the technical environment) and have been enjoying the freedom of being on the outside now with my own consulting business. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in July.
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  Marilyn (Soland) Findley
Monday, June 5, 2006
Hi Everyone, I am taking the leap after being convinced by Susan Shaddock Cinnamon to get this bio done. My husband and I have lived in the Colorado mountains since high school graduation. We are currently in Grand Lake watching the population grow by the day. Stu, my husband, taught high school math for 25 years, took a great early retirement package, and jumped into the fire as county assessor. He will finish his last term in January, 2007. We have one son, Kip, who finished his PhD. last May in material science, married, and is now teaching at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. We are constantly amazed he is related to us! I am finishing 33 years of teaching seventh grade English and athletic director in the middle school. It has been a great career, but time says to move on and enjoy our childhood doing what we love, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and quiet time. We are looking forward to traveling in our motorhome as soon as Stu is done. See you in July.
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  Carol Jaeger
Thursday, May 11, 2006
It's been fun reading about everyones lives. I went to school in Pueblo and got a degree in Sociology. Realizing there wasn't a heck of alot you can do with that, I went back to school in Greeley and got my MA in Special Ed. I've been teaching on and off for the last 30 years, but not on enough to retire. I'll probably have to work until I'm 80. I got married in the 80's and got divorced after 5 years. I moved to Ocean Beach, Ca. for 3 years. I enjoyed the ocean but missed Co. and the mountains , so moved back here. I met my soul mate on a camping trip 14 years ago. Adam and I are happily unmarried. We decided to leave the rat race of the Denver area and moved to the Western Slope 5years ago. I teach Special Ed. at Grand Junction High School. Most of my students are in wheelchairs and all of them are non-verbal. I think I chose this course for my life because I remember being loud and obnoxious in class and giving my high school teachers fits. Especially Mr. Arlington. We live in Glade Park which is a community above the Colorado National Monument, so I get to drive that beautiful road to and from work everyday. We share 35 acres with our 3 lovable labs, Scout, Shadow, and Molly Brown. We enjoy exploring the canyons of Utah on our days off. It's only 16 miles away from our cabin. I'm not sure I'll make the reunion, because I doubt the Boulderado Hotel will take 3 dogs. Hope everyone has a great time.
  Petur Williams
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
I write this (from beside the Colorado River at Bullhead City, Nevada, as morning begins at 4:40 a.m. on April 25, 2006, having gotten ready to leave for a third consecutive day of riding a Harley-Davidson Road King through the desert roads of Arizona and Nevada...) to thank our classmates for sharing all the stories they have sent this website. You are a truly impressive, and sometimes bizarre, group of people, and I have a great deal of admiration for the depth and breadth of your imagination and experience. I hope you can find the time and interest to keep sharing your stories and pictures with the rest of us before and after the reunion. You can always send your material by way of making another entry for yourself in the Class Directory, or send something to us by email at
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  Jim deKieffer
Monday, April 24, 2006
Holy Pete! Jim Doctor, are you reading this? I feel like a youngster amongst all the retired folks who cannot possibly be old enough to be actually DONE with working! Late maturers like me just keep on pluggin' away. Anyway, after a couple of years at a small Quaker college in Indiana with old Douglas Jr High friend Phil Rice, I returned to CU, graduated in December (changing majors will cost you time) and got married the day after to Susie Brown, an escapee from Texas. Took me several years to have a clue what she was saying! Failed the army physical, took off to Europe, settled in Breckenridge to ski and manage condos and teach. Moved back to capital hill in Denver, sold skiis, worked as a plumber's helper, drove double decker busses, got a Master's in counseling and proceeded to drive a forklift - it paid better than teaching! Took a big cut in pay to get back into teaching, had to get more education for special education, and finally found out what I was supposed to have been doing. Did Special Education for 6 years at a middle school in Littleton, moved to counseling and have been at Highlands Ranch High School in Douglas County for 12 years. Still have 4 more years, due to not starting on PERA until I was 31! Remodeled a 1907 house in Washington Park in Denver - all 900 square feet of it. Decided that we needed more land for our dogs, built a 40 acre "ranch" in the middle of nowhere - 7 miles from Elizabeth, 12 from Franktown, 10 from Elbert. Been doing sheepherding, and all kinds of dog sports - agility, conformation, obedience. We raise Shetland Sheepdogs and Shetland Sheep, and I judge sheepherding trials. Just got certified in canine massage, and work on dogs at agility trials all over. Our dogs are our kids - all 8 of them!
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  RD Sahl
Monday, April 10, 2006
It's been great fun reading what classmates have been up to for the last 40 years. I've worked most of that time in big market television news - Boston/LA - lucky enough to be a minor witness to major events at home and abroad. My wife Lin and I have two sons. Chris writes for a business website in NYC. Taylor is an environmentalist/scuba diver/photographer finishing up his degree. I'm often in and out of Colorado - ski trips and aging parent issues - but I rarely get to Boulder. I hope to be there in July. Cheers!
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  Michael Boomhower
Thursday, April 6, 2006
I am now settled in life, but for many years after graduation, I was on the move because I never had a clear vision of what I should do with my life. Thus, I lived in Ohio, Colorado, Alaska, and finally in Washington. I managed to attend three other colleges (including CU) before finally graduating from the University of Washington in 1980. At Fairview High, I was too shy to flirt with girls, but over time my social skills developed and I got married. Sadly, this only lasted ten years and I was single again. But, after a few years, I got married again and now have two sons also. I worked as a clerk for the F.B.I. at the field offices in Denver and Anchorage and after graduating from U. of W. in Seattle, I became an engineering drafter and designer. After about ten years, AUTOCAD came to our office and I could not handle the computers of the time. So, I became a baker, which has been a lot more stable and the exercise is probably better for me than my previous sedentary office work. After our graduation on June 8, 1966, it only took me a generation to get settled. I guess even an average student can have an interesting life.
  Libby Bartholomew Martinson
Monday, April 3, 2006
I have been getting nothing but grief from my fellow reunion committee members because I am the only one who hasn't signed in. So at the risk of boring you all to death, here goes. I received my MA in speech pathology from CU in 1972 having married Chris in May 1970 right after he got back from Vietnam (that makes 36 years next month, sheesh). I still can't believe I chose a degree with the word speech in it, as speech classes in junior high and high school always absolutely terrified me. I'm pretty good at talking to people one at a time, though, so it's worked out. I still really love what I do but am finding crawling around on the floor with two year olds isn't as easy as it used to be. Actually the crawling around part isn't so hard, it's getting back up that is. Chris and I moved from Boulder to Gunbarrel Estates in 1975 where we stayed until we built a home a little further north out by Haystack Mountain in 1994. I still commute to Denver every day and no end in sight. We have one son, Ben (our best accomplishment ever) who finished a degree in piano performance at CU and promptly decided to go into architecture so as not to be a starving artist always. He's at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, the one person in the family who has returned to the east coast from whence we all came in 1956. He came out to us about six years ago, so my volunteer time is spent on PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), a just cause if there ever was one. It's been a lot of fun working on the reunion and I hope to see a bunch of you in July! Libby
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  Patti (Coleman) Chapman
Monday, April 3, 2006
I had to come over to Susan's (Shaddock/Cinnamon) to get this bio done I really do not like the computer. I worked on one off and on for 30 yrs at Qwest and besides pictures of my grandkid's, I could do without them. I'm a good old telephone and snail mail girl. Oh, well here comes my story. 1966-1996 (most of you have heard this before: Went to 2 years of school, dropped out and married Monty Huggins, had 2 kids and divorced. I worked for Mountain Bell/USWest/Qwest for over 30 years. In 1995 I married Bud Chapman, he has 1 son, so that made 3 kids for me. If you ever get the chance to have 3 teenagers living in your home at once, DON'T! In November of 2000, I retired from Qwest to take care of Bud while he got treatment for cancer. After 2 and a half years (8 surgeries and 6 weeks of radition) he is cancer free! Now we've started on our real retirement life! We bought a motorhome and travel some. I do lots of craft projects and work part-time at Curves (no ladies I haven't lost a pound, but there is still hope) We visit our two grandkids Biven Chapman (Paul & De)in Palmer Lake, CO and Cedar Higby (Stacy & Mike)in Salem, OR. My youngest son Matt is in San Francisco and still single, I'm always looking for a nice girl for him, so if you know anyone. My parents are still in Boulder, and doing great so we spend a lot of time with them. All and all my life is great! I'm looking forward to hearing all about yours.
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  Susan McCallum Seaton
Friday, March 24, 2006
OH MY GOSH, I dug out the ole yearbooks and took a trip back to the past and in a few months it will be a trip to the future until then we will remain teenagers in each others memories. I have been in Northern California for the past 16 years (Love It) before that I was a Minnesotan. Yes, they speak like they so in FARGO, the movie. I have a combined family of 4 daughters, 3 sons, 15 GRANDCHILDREN, and 1 GREAT GRANDSON, EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT. My second husband Rick and I have our own business, truely their is no rest for anyone foolish enough to try it. I love to go camping, bird watching, swimming, hiking, traveling, kayacking, and helping people. Hope we can make it but not sure. We have a 93 year old Mother in northern Minnesota that we need to visit this summer but I will definitely be there in my heart. Love, Sue
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  Jim Charlson
Friday, March 10, 2006
Leon Pommer and I were talking the other day: He said he went to a reunion meeting and was surprised how old and wrinkled everyone got. Even saw some of the pictures and said they look old. I said. " huh! I didn't think he looked any older", and he alowed, I didnt look older. We tried to figure out what caused it. Leon thought maybe they ate too much bacon, but I figure it was broccoli or tufu. We figure they will all be fixed by reunion time, so we bought stock in Botox.
  scott mackie
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
thanks to mitch and greg and my 10 year old, i got in here. i have basically worked with masonry construction since 11 grade. did finish b.s. at csu, appretice bricklayer while papered to travel- dont recommend that one- stead of one contractor it took me 18, short go at mill supervision when work got tight and grown men throwing brick at each other, back to brick and running work for the big potatoes, married late and hurried on family, 3 boys and 3 girls from 20's to 10, lucky enough to have some space and 9 cows, chickens, dog, cats, and i thought i was out of space, ran into queen 20 years after graduation in corvallis and built a chimney for him and wife sal who is super-super, and not sure if i will wear out before getting bored with laying one on two, i an basically a hermit but its neat to read about all classmates so im adding some. i did get across the miss. river with gregs help and we layed some brick on his addition and it was a great experience. in the am i often can be heard calling owls, turkeys, mules , wolf, or just plain old rooster crows, a f[ conditions]. i am thinking about trip to reunion but wheather i am a show or no show you who put this together have done a great job. later
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  Jennifer (FitzRandolph) Rose
Monday, February 27, 2006
Thanks to Beth (Divelbiss) Bauer for forwarding this site to me. Congrats to those who developed it. It’s great! I married my high school sweetheart, Bill Crichlow (class of ‘65) a year after graduating good ol’ FHS. The marriage didn’t last, but it did produce two wonderful children, Christopher (age 37) and Candice (age 35). After a failed second marriage it took me some time to try again, but finally had the good fortune to marry a long-time friend and secret admirer, Dominick Rose (class of ‘64). Third time’s a charm! Our blended families have blessed us with 6 grandchildren, all boys! I’ve been living in California for the past 23 years where I finished the education I started at CSU, this time at CA State U, with a degree in Human Development. After finally leaving the sewing trades behind, I thoroughly enjoyed working as Director/Principal at a private school in CA for 10 years. I left that position about 2 years ago and have kept busy “keeping house”. I love it! Dominick and I moved to Oregon in December and are building a house in Monmouth (near Salem). We visit Colorado frequently and will see what we can do about attending the reunion. For those of you who were in choir in your sophomore year, you might be interested to know that my Dad (Charles FitzRandolph) is still going strong and lives in Highlands Ranch. He left teaching after Fairview and worked for Family Housing at CSU until he retired. (Now, don’t you feel bad for giving him such a hard time, if you were one of those?) He still enjoys arranging choral music and teaching his youngest grandson to play the piano.
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  Jim Charlson
Sunday, February 26, 2006
sHi all will write up something later. we moved from kremmling CO back to boulder for about 5 years, then retired and moved to Eagle Rock MO about 3 years ago. note Mitch I didnt run for sherrif in route county People talked me into running as a write in in grand co, I told em ok but I wont campain, lost by 35 votes. not theres 36 regestered voters in grand co. our address is HCR-1,box1780 Eagle Rock M.O. 65641 (417) 271-3848 cell-303-908-0279. we are on table rock lake and yes we have eagles here thats why they call it eagle rock
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  Beth (Divelbiss) Bauer
Thursday, February 23, 2006
Still feel like I'm 16 and a junior at Fairview. Hard to believe 40 years has passed. Attended CU, married in 1968, had my son, lived in Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico and back to Colorado. My first husband passed away in 1999 from complications of a lung transplant. Reconnected with my first love, Jeff Bauer FHS class of '65, in 2002 and we were married in 2004. My son Parrish is 37 and Jeff's kids are Anna 25, Frank 21 and Charlie 17. Jeff and I are moving to Chicago in May so may not be able to attend the reunion. We bought our condo in Lincoln Park over a year ago and get there as often as we can. We love Chicago and our fabulous urban living. We did attend Jeff's 40th reunion last summer and it was great to see everyone. We eat at the Gondolier whenever we're in Boulder. Pizza's the same, but we miss the place at the bottom of the hill.
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  Greg Babcock
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
With Mitch providing me with 11 hrs. of consulting I figured out the password to this area. J.R. (Rives) needs to get on here. Doug T. I (we all) need your email. Gondolier needs you and the boys back. You can't hide on earth suggest Pluto. The Bush man has moles tracking your daily activities (not Mary Lou) and also Patty Daves. Where is Mosher? Bob B. may come around but if not we will still love him and forgive. Won't we? After all cows and associated cow stuff is the foundation for a good public servant. Where is Dave (your brother) Goat (Kent H.) I tried to call when I was in Boulder, no answer... Byron I enjoyed your update and do miss you and of course we miss all the girls that have signed in and the many that havent. Anyone coming east to North Carolina is welcome to stay at our home and explore the coast or mountains. I am extending this invitation without asking my wife. Southern men just do, wife consulting and the possible consequences are not a factor. We have some roads and electricity in various parts plus lots of nice insects etc. Why am I out of room? I need more lines? Who put this site together? Oh, now I have more. Maybe we need a blog type thing like teenagers. Scott Mackies email is and Tim Maddys is Where in the hell is Mike Queen? Bob Major is in Boulder but did not show at the Olive Garden at xmas. Anyone can email me I don't give a damn. Its 2:18 a.m. and I need something to do. Greg
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  Jim Sheats
Sunday, February 19, 2006
Although I confess I have not given much thought to high school for a long time, as my daughter is now in her first year thereof this does seem like an opportune moment for connecting with this part of the past. I came to the San Francisco Bay Area for graduate school, and saw no reason to leave my heart here -better to stay. Having worked at Hewlett Packard for 20 years and then more recently participated in the starting of several companies, I guess I am doing what one does in Silicon Valley. A description of my most enjoyable accomplishment in that period can be found at (which I began together with a senior executive and the director of organizational change, a wonderful woman named Barbara Waugh who has written about this in her book "The Soul in the Computer"). I used to enjoy flailing my way up the walls of Yosemite Valley, but until an earthquake moves them a bit closer, it seems there is not enough time to brave the traffic jams in between here and there; perhaps I'll learn to Apparate soon...
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  Roger Kirkpatrick
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Hi everyone !! 40 years - but - still going strong !! After a couple of years at C.U., I joined the Navy in 1969 thru 1973. Very fortunate to spend 3 of the years in Hawaii !!! Not bad duty ... I married Judi Adams (class of 69) in 1971. We have 2 daughters that are both married and live in the Denver area. I have been working at IBM (Boulder) for 32 years now - just keep plugging away until they kick me out the door. I am a mechanical designer for the Printer division. Judi and I live in Longmont - so will probably be able to make the long trip to Boulder for FAC !!!!
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  Barbara (Rose) Fitzrandolph
Saturday, February 11, 2006
I didn't actually graduate from Fairview - my family moved to the LA area summer of '65, but I've always felt Fairview was "my high school." And since I'm married to John FitzRandolph (class of '67) I thought I'd sign in! My life has been fairly ordinary, if not a bit of a Peyton Place. I married Tom Proulx (class of '67), had two kids, Steven (36), Jennifer (34), got divorced after nine years and two years later married John. We've been married 27 years and live in Denver's foothills. We have one son, Timothy (25). I'm retired from oncology nursing and John is a broadcast systems engineer. A few years ago John's sister Jeni (class of '66) married my brother Dominick Rose (class of '64) after several attempts with other spouses. We travel around a lot with kids in three different states. We have three grandkids and are hoping for two more! Hope to see everyone soon! We will attempt to post a picture of us in the photo album.
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  Ben Etheridge
Friday, February 10, 2006
After graduation I proceeded to flunk out of CSU, then had a variety of jobs until I was drafted into the Army. After discharge I banged around San Antonio, TX playing music professionally. While I was in the Army I met my (now ex-) wife. She convinced me to give up music and marry her. We were married 23 years and have one daughter who is married and a grad student in anthropology at UC Fullerton (in CA). As it happens, (except for having a beautiful daughter) I should have stayed with the music. I finally crammed 4 years of college into 11 years and graduated with a BBA from The University of Texas at San Antonio and became a CPA. I practiced with a couple of the (then) Big 8 accounting firms before going to work for IRS for 13 years. After my divorce I followed my bliss and began playing music in and around Austin, TX. Cut a couple of CDs but they went nowhere. I moved back to Colorado in about 2002 after having some serious heart problems and lived on the Western Slopes for a couple of years. Fortunately, the problems were correctible and I am 100% again ( except mentally, perhaps). I was then invited to Guam to visit a friend in December 2005 and ended up staying. I am now the Controller and CFO of a construction and steel fabrication company and absolutely love Guam - tropical paradise, etc. I am also getting back into music (that keeps popping up, doesnt't it?). I doubt I'll be able to make the reunion, but I wish you all the best and have a great party. Ben Etheridge
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  Doug and Mary Lou Thompson
Wednesday, February 8, 2006
I tried to send something for the class directory but the submit button did not seem to work, probably because I was messing around with the browse feature prior to submitting the text. Anyway, in case it did not go through, here are my comments (and I will try to send some pictures later): I am stil living in Hong Kong, and although I am now retired Mary Lou and I have decided not to permanently move back to the U.S. for two reasons: 1. I did not want anyone to learn the truth about Dave, Patty and myself; but I see that the secret is finally out. 2. We can't face living in the U.S. while George W. is still in a position to make a total mess of everything. (But that gets into politics and we may not want to go there. And with Bob Beauprez's rise up the political ladder, I will leave it up to him to get things back on track.) So after more thought, I think Mary Lou and I will make every effort to attend the reunion and I look forward to seeing everyone! And who knows we might win a prize for travelling the farthest (First Class or Business Class round-the-world tickets would be a nice prize.) I have been retired for almost 3 years ( which has been GREAT) and Mary Lou and I are permanent residents of Hong Kong where we have lived for about 20 years. While still at Fairview, I met Mary Lou while working at the Gondolier Restaurant which was then located at the bottom of the Broadway hill. Other employees at the time included Dave Adams, Mike Triantos, Chuck Danielson, Dave Mosher, my brother (Patty or Dave), and many others... After work we usually enjoyed late night poker games, racing cars up Boulder canyon, and all-nighters at the Boulder reservoir. I started working for Hewlett-Packard in Fort Collins in 1976 and HP transferred us to Malaysia in 1981 where our second daughter was born and where we re-established our love for Asia. After 4 years in Malaysia and about 20 years in Hong Kong we decided to make Hong Kong our permanent home. We also have an apartment in Penang, Malaysia, and we plan to share our time between Hong Kong, Penang, and New York City. Life is very good and we are indeed very fortunate. We have two terrific daughters (which is what really matters in life) and a great son-in law, all of whom live and work in NYC. Mary Lou and I have recently purchased an apartment in Manahattan in anticipation of eventually being around to spoil the grandchildren. We also decided on NYC because we wanted to find a U.S.-base that was a large, cosmopolitan, diverse city - the fact that NYC is willing to vote BLUE is also a plus. Thanks to the organizing committe for all your work and for the great web-site. I hope we can all start some new rumors and establish some lost contacts. See you in Boulder.
  Donna Von (Culnan)
Wednesday, February 1, 2006
This is an awesome Web site and it's great to read the comments and humor (although I am still quite confused about the double Thompson twins and their sex changes and new names)! Thanks to Carol Smith (Holland) and Patti Coleman for letting me know about the reunion. I am one who has never attended a reunion before and it looks promising for this year to be my first. I have lived in Hawaii for the past 35 years and it's a little difficult (and expensive) driving across the Pacific ocean. I have some miles and vacation time saved up but needed to know the dates, which I now have. I hope to see many of you in July!
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  Carol Holland Smith
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
It has already been fun planning the reunion. We have had some great meetings and gathered more folks along the way. Please, if you think of someone who might have been missed in our search for classmates, let us know. And if you can get your reservations posted, great! It just gives us an idea of how many to expect. It is amazing to think that 40 years have gone by. Buz and I love to travel, and genealogy is our hobby. If you are looking for ancestors or skeletons in the closet, let me know. We'll help get you started. Don't know what I want to do when I retire, but it's coming up sooner than we think! Can't wait to see everyone!
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  Melinda (Pond) Burton-Linssens
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Married, one son - live in Larimer County S of Berthoud - RETIRED EARLY!!!!! Loving it!!!!! Have a 52 Ford Pickup that I show and my husband has a Classic Bronco and 2 Ford Pickups as well. Loving life, happy where I'm at - Haven't attended any reunions - hmmmmm maybe this will be the one..............
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  Byron Steinacher
Monday, January 23, 2006
Hello all, remember the other day 40 years ago? It's amazing how life passes by! Hope you are all happpy and healthy. I completed a tour in Viet Nam with the U. S. Army which ended in January of 1970. I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley in August of 1975 with a BS in Business Administration and a Specialization in Marketing. Shortly after graduating from UNC I worked for IBM at Niwot. A vacation to Idaho was next and I fell in love with the beautiful mountains and lakes. I purchased 40 acres along with a friend and permenantly moved their in 1977. Schweitzer Ski area provided employment in the winter and I worked as a Wildland Firefighter the rest of the year. I completed various jobs through the department: Smoke Chaser, Brush Crewman, Sawyer, Dozer Operator and Fire Technician. This was in the Sandpoint area near Lake Pend Oreille. In September of 2003 I took a promotion as an Assistant Fire Warden which constituted a move to Kamiah, Idaho in the Clearwater Valley. I have been married to Donna for 26 years and we have three children and four grandchildren. Donna was born and raised in the Sandpoint area where we met at the Schweitzer Ski area.
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  Jim Docter
Sunday, January 22, 2006
Married Eunice in 1969, graduated Southern Oregon College 1972 Biological Science,living in Estes Park where we have a remodeling business. Two grown children and two grandkids(God's greatest invention) call (970) 586-3033
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  Brad Nolan
Sunday, January 22, 2006
Married 38 years, 3 Boys, Live in Pinewood Springs, Work in Longmont as the Office Manager for The Mental Health Center.
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  Jerry E. Martin
Sunday, January 22, 2006
While all you guys are getting older and slower...I've been busy getting faster. After completing 135 marathons in my racing chair since my spinal cord injury in 1979, I've now taken up handcycling. I also work as a recreational therapist helping the disabled adapt in to everyday life. I'm going to give it my best effort to be there!!
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  Judy (Sieben) Lillard
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Hi, Everyone! Wow! 40 years! That can't be "us", can it? Hope to see a bunch of you next summer in Boulder! Judy P.S. Yes, Petur, I'm going to write my "story" soon. Need to think of a good one!
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  Bonn Rayer
Saturday, December 31, 2005
I am looking forward to see you all and to reminisce our past and to examine my past forty years of life's journey !! It was not really a spectecular journey and you will not find me on the cover of Newsweek magazine!!!?? . My claim to fame will be that I played opposite tackle in football with the next governor of Colorado !! Let us just say that, my life has not been in the pursuit of riches, instead I have stayed true to my personal character which was to follow God's plan for my life by being a professional servant !! My profession is a Facilities Coordinator /Manager for a church in Evergreen !! And I would not have done it anyway differently ! I am Blessed !!!
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  Ima Confused
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Somebody toed me tat dare is a dadburned re onion plan sometim this nex yer. as u kin sea i r still (speakin of stills, I kned a big drink), trian to git thru that lass english speakin class, i took in tat hier up skool, out tere in bolder. plese till me ifn this here re onion is sompin i r goan lik. i kno ifn i kin git dare tat my kin wil be rel happy...sea u al then. Your frnd Ima
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  Gayle Nelson (Goens)
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. I hope that some of the folks who have missed most, or all of the previous reunions will come join us!
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  Kent Hogan
Sunday, December 11, 2005
Please tell me that it has not been - 40 years!
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  Ray Ingraham
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Looking forward to it. Hope this time they won't call me "Chuck" on my name badge ;-) Remember - don't make noises when you move!
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  Mitch Lavelett
Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Everyone, please sign up and plan a trip to Boulder next July, even if only from Arvada. Me and the boys don't want to have to pay you a visit, OK! So get on those tread mills and stationary bikes now so you will look and feel your best. You know you want to show up looking like a million dollars, in your Jerry Garcia tie, and Guicci loafers. Ah, just wear your old sweats, and ride your motorcycle. I don't want a pickle, or an excuse. Just do it!
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