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Maybe the easiest way to put a picture in an album is to go to the Class Directory section and make a new entry for yourself, then upload a couple of pictures.  Don't worry about whether they are "then" or "now", just upload them, and  we will put them on the website.

Send us pictures and stories about yourselves to theresa@TheresaBlanding.com 

The 40th Reunion July 22, 2006 at The Boulder Country Club -- http://danlockhart.com

Reunion Photos

The pictures of the 30th, 40th, and 45th Class of 1966 Reunions.
Çam West 1966 (?)

Class of '66, then and now

Pictures of members of the Class of 1966, some going back a way, some new.  You may add pictures by e-mail to Theresa@TheresaBlanding.com or you may go to the Class Directory page and upload them there.  We will put them into the albums for you.